GTA SA APK is an action adventure game where you can perform daily tasks like driving bikes, cars and fight with strangers. There will be a twist. When police know you have fought with someone or committed a crime, they will search you everywhere and want to arrest you.

drive supercars

Then you need to stay away from the police. Because if police capture you, your game ends. In the start, this game only available for pc and windows users but in recent years is, it has been available on all types of platforms like Xbox, PlayStation and android. You can download the latest version of this game from GTASAAPK.COM.


In this game, you need to meet with mafia lords and perform business deals, so you must have a unique Badass car. You can customize your character by changing the colour of your pent, shirt and for a bold look, you can select glasses which will give you a unique look and upgrade your car in terms of power and appearance, like customizing the car colour and adding powerful accessories upgrade engine and shocks for better performance.

GTA Apk features 3D Graphics which will give you a realistic gaming experience. GTA have a huge map, including three big cities, and everything is described in detailed vibrant colours. You can see traffic on the road and visit shopping malls and public places where you perform your task.


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK has very exciting mafia life gameplay. When you start playing, you are in the street and on the map, you have direction arrows where you need to go and perform your missions. You need to stay away from the police, but in the meantime, you need to beat people and perform your missions.

cycling on train track

When you play this game and perform a carl Jhonson character, you always feel energized because every level of the game has new places where you meet new people like a businessman and mafia lords. You need to deal with mafia lords and perform your desired mission to qualify for the next mission.

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Many games have exciting gameplay and other features, but we didn’t want to play in other languages. Because in our native languages, we feel like we are playing in our home town. That’s why GTA SA MOD apk features many languages other than English, like French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.


Rockstar Games have done outstanding optimization in the front and back end of the game, but the game has a large download file size, so you must have a good device for smooth gameplay. You need an Android device with at least an android version 5.0 with minimum 4GB of ram and a 2core processor.


If you are facing lag while playing a game because your smartphone does not have enough power to process high quality graphics, you can decrease the quality of graphics from high to medium for smooth gameplay.

ride heavy bike


GTA SA APK is an action game, so you need to fight with people and beat them, but what if your competitor has weapons and you have nothing to fight? That’s why GTA features a lot of unique weapons; with these weapons, you can knock down your competitor in a few seconds. You have a variety of weapons, from guns, armoured vehicles, tanks and fighter jets. You can use all weapons depending on the fighting situation.


Many times we feel bored after playing the same game. We want to change our gaming taste, but we don’t want to download many games on our smartphones. That’s why GTA offers you many mini games. You can play basketball on the ground and visit the shopping mall and Bouncing Lowriders, or if you want to work, you can go to the gym and train your body for a better physique.

character standing in parking


Grand Theft Auto GTA San Andreas allows you to use three control layouts. So you don’t need to use default control buttons. You can easily change the control buttons layout and place them wherever you can control your character.

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What’s New In Recent Gta San Andreas Update 2.10


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