The MPL (Mobile Premier League) app has revolutionized the world of casual gaming with its diverse choices of games that cater to a broad audience. With over a dozen games, MPL offers a seamless gaming experience, whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just looking for casual fun. From classics like Chess and Ludo to adrenaline-pumping racing games and mind-bending puzzles, MPL has it. These casual games are entertaining and rewarding in terms of mental benefits. Players can earn real cash prizes and tokens that can be used for in-game purchases. The app’s user-friendly interface and vibrant graphics make it accessible to players of all ages. Whether you have a few minutes to spare or want to unwind for hours, MPL’s casual games provide a perfect escape into gaming entertainment. Let us look into the mobile games packed on this digital platform.

Most popular mobile games from MPL



The Ludo mobile game is the popular digital version of the classic board game. You can play it on your smartphone or tablet. It’s a fantastic way to relive the fun of the traditional Ludo game but with the convenience of playing it on your device anytime, anywhere. Like the physical board game, Ludo mobile allows you to compete with your friends or computer-controlled opponents. You’ll have four colorful tokens to move around the virtual board to get them all to your home zone before your opponents do. The game is super easy to play. You roll a digital die by tapping the screen, and your token moves accordingly. It’s a mix of strategy and luck as you decide which token to move based on the dice roll. Plus, you can return your opponents’ tokens to their starting area by landing on the same space.


The Carrom mobile game is a virtual adaptation of the popular board game Carrom, which people worldwide have enjoyed for generations. This mobile version brings the classic game to your fingertips, allowing you to experience the thrill and strategy of Carrom on your smartphone or tablet. In Carrom, the goal is to pocket all your pieces, known as “carrom men,” into the four corner pockets of the board before your opponent does. You use a striker to flick your carrom men into the pockets, trying to outmanoeuvre your adversary. The game combines elements of precision, angles, and strategy, making it engaging and competitive. The mobile version offers a realistic and intuitive touch-based interface, making it easy to control the direction and power of your shots. It provides various game modes, from single-player challenges to multiplayer matches against friends or online opponents.



The Pool mobile game is a captivating digital version of the classic billiards game, providing players with an authentic and immersive experience on their smartphones or tablets. Its realistic physics, stunning graphics, and diverse gameplay modes have gained immense popularity. The MPL version focuses on the 8 Ball Pool game. In Pool, players use a cue stick to hit colored balls into pockets on the table, either in a competitive match against an opponent or in solo practice. The touch-screen controls make it easy to aim and take precise shots, and the lifelike ball physics adds a layer of realism to the game. Players can compete against friends or test their skills against computer-controlled opponents, gradually honing their abilities and mastering trick shots. The Pool mobile game is a fantastic way to enjoy the excitement of billiards without needing an actual table.

Pool mobile game

Snakes and Ladder

The digital adaptation of Snakes and Ladders, the classic board game, has entertained generations worldwide. Its digital adaptation on mobile devices continues to capture the essence of this timeless pastime, providing endless fun and nostalgia. The game is simple yet engaging. Players take turns rolling a dice and move their game pieces along a numbered grid. All you have to do is to reach the final square first. However, the path is filled with pitfalls (snakes) and shortcuts (ladders) that can either boost your progress or set you back. The element of chance adds excitement, as you never know when you’ll encounter a ladder to success or a snake that sends you tumbling down. The Snakes and Ladders mobile version offers solo and multiplayer modes, enabling you to play against friends or computer opponents. Its colorful graphics and intuitive controls make it accessible to players of all ages.

MPL Opinio

MPL has been the leading portal when it comes to opinion-based mobile games. Its latest entry Opinio, is winning the hearts of the players. This mobile game offers the ideal platform where you can choose a topic. The most popular topics on this app to explore are cricket, entertainment, crypto, etc. Download this app and register to play this game. After choosing a genre, you will discover questions based on the latest events. These questions have the simplest Yes or No answers. It means you have to guess the right answer and win real prizes. All these questions are based on certain events to test your knowledge. You must use your knowledge, analytical skills, and logical reasoning to choose the right answers. Simply predict the answers and win.

MPL Opinio

Time to play MPL

MPL is the treasure trove of casual games. The best part is that it is a cluster of mobile games that you don’t have to download individually. This app allows you to play these mobile casual games anywhere, anytime. You will find multiple genres of such casual games on this app. Don’t worry; this app does not require a huge smartphone space. Download this game and create an account first. Choose a suitable mobile game you want to play. Start developing your skills in each and participate in individual contests or major competitions to win real prizes. Switch to another mobile game on the same platform when you feel like changing your gaming experience for a while. There are many other options you can try your hands on. Find the best mobile game to master the skills and make your free time worth spending on them.


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