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Every action adventure lover has a favorite game, and GTA: San Andreas is no exception. GTA was first available to Windows and PC users. It is currently available for Playstation, Xbox, iOS, and Android devices. You can download the whole APK + OBB + Mod for Android from GTASAAPK.COM. Download the direct, simple link for free installation and enjoy outstanding gameplay. The game’s storyline is based on a fictional novel set in 1992 about a gangster named CJ (Carl Johnson) who returns to the city of San Andreas. At San Andreas, he had a group of buddies with whom he committed several crimes. And create new friends through his work, such as Big Smoke, Ryder, and others.

CJ on road in sunset

Developer Rockstar Games
Genre Action
Downloads 10M+
Version 2.10
Updated 2 Days Ago
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Rating 4.6


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a console game for mobile devices such as Android. It has stood the test of time to give a compelling experience that even newer games struggle to match. You can explore your virtual territory because the game is open world. You can do various jobs or play basketball and customize your CJ (Carl Johnson). If you like, you can work as a firefighter, doctor, police officer, or cab driver. You can freely explore an open environment in GTA. Now You can visit San Andreas’ cities, divided into three major cities and a few little settlements. You will have a more delightful experience if you use cheats. There are two game modes to select from. To begin, a free ride indicates the ability to do anything you want—second, complete tasks by locating them on a map and finishing them. check also geometry dash apk

GTA San Andreas Mod for android


In 2024 the GTA SAN ANDREAS is significantly modified, many features are updated, and users can enjoy this latest version. You can go anywhere with different vehicles, such as Cars, Bikes, airplanes, etc… The GTA San Andreas city map is a fictional representation of the city of San Andreas. Initially, this game could only be played on PlayStation 2 and personal computers, but it is now playable on any device. There are a few more remarkable features in this edition of GTA that everyone wanted in its previous games, such as gymnastics, eating food from shops, and much more. GTA San Andreas APK 2024 additionally improves visual quality.


They were restored high resolution visuals optimized for smartphones, including lighting improvements, an expanded color palette, and enhanced character models.

Cloud save support for Rockstar Social Club Members to play across mobile devices.

Complete camera and movement control through dual analog sticks.

Three distinct control schemes and customized controls with contextual choices to display buttons only when necessary.

Works with MoGa Wireless Gaming Controllers and various Bluetooth and USB gamepads.

They are combined with tactile sensations from Immersion.

Customize your visual experience with customizable graphic options.

CJ cycling


The Grand Theft Auto series, including Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA SA APK For Android, stands out among other games. Players can navigate a substantial open-world area on foot or with numerous vehicles like automobiles, buses, motorbikes, bicycles, aircraft, helicopters, jets, weaponry, and more. Because it is paid entertainment, many people began looking for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK download links.

Rockstar has added new player skills, such as climbing walls and underwater swimmers (which previous games lacked), making gameplay more enjoyable. Even so, we’ll go over the fantastic features in detail later.

While some objects remain constant, which is a good thing, like the task storyline, which allows the player to progress through the game by accomplishing rewards and tasks, and based on those operations, new investor abilities, objects, and large cities are unlocked, giving the game a unique feel as we progress through it.


Complete Invincibility: “GONPXWR”

It gives you entirely invincible against anything in the game – gunfire, drowning, etc.

Weapon Set 4: “BIEUHQY”

It comes with a mini-gun, thermal goggles, and a vibrator. After re-entering the code, your thermal goggles will transform into night vision goggles.

Complete Current Mission: “BYIXZIY”

Fulfills the ongoing missions you are still on. Please keep in mind that it does not function for all tasks.

Skip 4 Hours: “YACKMWS”

In-game time is advanced by precisely 4 hours.

Show Mappings: “KRRIHBT”

Displays the game’s mobile ui (controls)

Show Tap To Target: “MIZYXHZ”

There is no noticeable impact.

Show Targeting: “JQFUDUB”

Displays “status text” over your character’s head and colorful bars above PEDS.

Stats Changer: “XBOX_HELPER”

Several in-game numbers are altered, including money spent on tattoos, times Carl has been busted, and pedestrians squandered. If GTA San Andreas mobile cheats did not disable Achievements, completing each activity one more time would unlock the applicable Achievement.


GTA San Andreas MOD features some very stunning visuals and animations. The latest edition of San Andreas mobile Apk has high-quality visuals that set it apart from other games.



The GTA San Andreas OBB 2023 now includes the cloud saving option. You don’t have to worry about the device’s storage or the game’s progress because it can be automatically stored online in the cloud.


The GTA San Andreas program has twin analog lever controls, which improve game control. You can control your character’s and the camera’s movement by utilizing on-screen control choices.


This game works with MoGa wireless gaming controllers and most Bluetooth and USB gamepads to have fun with this game.


If you have GTA San Andreas Android delays, you can adjust the graphics settings to improve game performance and visual experience.


The game GTA SA MOD apk is available in various languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese.


There are several new skills in GTA San Andreas that GTA Ultimate Creations do not have, such as swimming, which is not allowed in GTA Vice City, though you can jump and swim in water as your stamina allows in GTA San Andreas.

This game also has a shoot-while-driving capability when riding a bike and the ability to fire a pistol when sitting in a car with your gang members (though not in the driver’s seat). Jumping has also been enhanced in GTA San Andreas.


Several new upgraded vehicles are in GTA San Andreas, with the BMX Bike and Police Motorcycle receiving special attention. There was no bicycle as a vehicle in any of the previous GTA games.

Also, police officers have yet to have any bikes in the previous games, even though police bikes are pretty amazing. Custom Springs have also added to the appeal of this game by allowing you to make your automobile dance and make impressive challenging moves in it.

Flying an airplane in an open-world game was everyone’s dream, which was only realized thanks to GTA San Andreas.


In GTA Vice City and previous games, you could alter the attire of your avatar or character, and even the game’s primary avatar, but you couldn’t modify your character’s hairdo, get tattoos on your skin, or change your appearance in other ways.

There are many stores outside, such as barbershops, tattoo shops, textile shops, and many more, where you can enter and change your complete appearance for money.


While utilizing weapons, the target option simplifies shooting. It took a lot of work to aim for the target mark in GTA Vice City. But, in GTA San Andreas, it is straightforward to kill someone since the mark color changes based on the opponent’s health, which will take your shooting to the next level in competitive matches.


GTA San Andreas has included several food businesses on the map. A pizza shop, burger store, drink bar, and every other shop will receive an additional mark. Hence, if your health is too low, you can go into any shop and buy a pizza or burger with money, eat it, and naturally enhance your health without admitting to any cheat code.


This is the finest aspect of GTA San Andreas since everyone wants to play such open-world games with their friends to increase their enjoyment level. However, creating a co-player or dual-player open-world match took a lot of work. But Rockstar Games made that arduous effort feasible. You can play GTA San Andreas with a buddy by visiting a few secret locations on the map.


There is an ability bar in the GTA San Andreas game where you can view your character’s stamina, fat, respect, weapon skill, muscle, and good looks.

Training and suitable modifications can help you improve these skills. Weight-lifting and completing many workouts there will enhance your body, and you can also reduce fat by exercising there to make your avatar appear stylish.


The fundamental objective of this article helps you to how to install and play GTA San Andreas, the characteristics of San Andreas, the story of the game, and everything else.

After gaining such a large fan following, this game was just released for Android phones. So you can download this game from GTASAAPK.COM. If it’s not operating smoothly and you’re experiencing lag in gameplay, you need to lower the picture quality. Our team has successfully tested the game; you can download it without hesitation.


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